Who We Are

We are a locally owned and operated Christian title company that attempts to keep very informed on the local happenings of our and other counties. We make sure that all of our accounts are held with local banks (FDIC backed) so that we might be able to help keep our local economy stimulated.

About Us

What We Do

Johnson County Land Title, Inc. (JCLT) provides a high quality title product through the use of an efficient in-house title plant and internet based plant. The title plant is a replication of many courthouse records arranged in such a manner to promote the timely production of accurate title searches, commitments and policies. Since its inception in 1982, JCLT has provided fast, reliable, courteous and professional service to the real estate industry. We are located in the heart of downtown Franklin and offer complete closing services inclusive of mobile closings, if so desired, at no additional cost to the consumer. We offer full title services for the entire State of Indiana including, but not limited to, Foreclosure titles, Tax sale searched, the full range of Commercial and residential policies along with recording services throughout the country.


How We Can Help You

We have such a solid reputation of quality that several title companies (underwriters included) utilize JCLT for our title plant and our professional search services for production of their own title product. Let us help you.

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